We are so glad that you have taken an interest in our church. Please read below to get an idea of what to expect. We are ready to explore God's Word and to share it with you. Come join us for any of the services--we would be delighted to grow together with you!


Beginning at 9:15am, we have a fellowship time with coffee and treats. This is a good time to interact with others before the teaching time begins. Our adult Sunday School hour typically starts with a brief look at our memory verse and a catechism before moving on to the morning's lesson. Our current study focuses on an overview of the books that make up the New Testament canon.


Our aim is to be purposeful in our worship service through expository preaching from God's Word, through carefully selected hymns and psalms which reflect a reverential view of God, and through corporate prayer.


Our Sunday evenings are used in varied ways. We regularly use the entire service to observe the Lord’s Supper. Other times, we practice 1 Timothy 4:13 and spend our full time reading large portions of Scripture, even entire books of the Bible. We also hear preaching from the Word of God, dealing with a variety of topics.

We occasionally have a church-wide fellowship meal after the morning service. This is followed by an afternoon service, which replaces our evening meeting time. Please check our schedule here for these times.


The emphasis of our mid-week service is prayer. After a brief devotional, usually on the subject of prayer, we orient our hearts toward God as we spend time with Him in prayer. During the school year (October through April), we have a Bible instruction time for children (kindergarten through 5th grade) beginning at 6:45pm. Right now, we are on summer break. Find out more about it here